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Wasatch Elementary PTSA Agenda/Minutes

May 2018

Wasatch Elementary PTA


May 4th, 2018

  1. Welcome – Introductions
  2. General Meeting
    1. Agenda Review
    2. Teacher Input
    3. Treasurer Report
    4. Lagoon Day Discount Ticket Give Away?
    5. Book Fair 5/14-5/18
    6. Teacher Appreciation Day & Week
    7. Field Day
    8. Host 6th Grade Graduation
    9. Yearbook Help Needed?
    10. Miscellaneous                                                                                                                      

      Wasatch PTA Minutes May 4th

      We reviewed the treasurer report.

      Christine will donate ice cream and Robyn will donate chocolates for teacher appreciation day.

      Christine will donate ice cream and Robyn will donate 3 liters of Root beer for 6th grade graduation.

      Lindsey and Angie are working on getting a new tug of war rope for field day on May 23rd from 1-3.

      Mindy would like jump rope to be a part of field day and will provide them.

      We will be having a Buy one Get one free book fair the week of May 7-May11.  Sharlynn and Lindsey will coordinate volunteers.

      Christine will get volunteers and popsicles for field day.

      Christine will also work on an updated yearbook purchase link.

      We talked about doing Lagoon Day on May 30th and give tickets first to parents who volunteer.

September 2018

Wasatch Elementary PTA Meeting

September 7, 2018

9:00 AM

  1. Introductions

  2. Bylaws

  3. Budget

  4. Yearbook Funds and Sponsorship

  5. Halloween Activity

  6. Teacher Input

  7. School Board Update

  8. Committee Sign Up

  9. Book Fair

  10. Reflections

    PTA Minutes 9/7/18

    We voted on and ratified the Bylaws.   Robyn Stark put forth the Bylaws seconded by Angie Curry.

    Voted on and ratified the budget.  Robyn Stark, first, Angie Curry, second.  

    We went over the budget, discussing each item line by line.  

    Mrs. Stokes will be our liaison for the teachers and will come to the PTA meetings while an aide is sent to her class.  

    We decided not to do a Halloween activity as a PTA, to focus on helping the teachers with their individual class parties.  

    Book Fair will be Oct. 9, 10, 11 during Parent Teacher Conferences.  Those days will all be short days.

    Lynette Wilkins is chairing the Reflections committee.

    We are currently doing a chocolate fundraiser with half of the money raised going to the school and the other half going to the PTA.  Our goal is $3000 to be used for school supplies and field trips.

    We discussed creating a list of what the school will need if/when the bond passes and passing that along to the district.

    Carnival:  different than last year. We liked not having to do as much work, variety of bounce houses.  Next year maybe add face painting, pie in the face, dunk tank, raffle, and tables to sit. Made $316 this year vs. $3500 previous years.  We did receive free bounce houses for field day from this company for using them for our carnival. In the future, maybe field combined with a color run for the students will be our main fundraiser.

    We currently have $1200 in scholastic cash to spend.  We will take the cash from the book fairs this year instead.  

    We want to emphasis spirt week and open t-shirts sales again.  Some people couldn’t order them.

    We will be doing Christmas store this year, but on our own.  PTA parents are encouraged to donate items for students to purchase for their families.  

    Some students previous year yearbooks were missing pages.  Lindsey will contact the company to discuss this as well as reconcile our account from previous year.  

    Discussed creating a phone tree for parents to help with indoor recess on stormy days so teachers can still get a lunch break.


    Those in attendance:

    Angie Curry

  11. Alisa Hunter

    Sue Ann Burton

    Amy Winn

    Lynette Wilkins

    Robyn Stark

    Sharlynn Jones

    Bronte Warenski

    Oran Flowers, Lindsey Ketcham


October 2018


PTA Minutes Oct. 2018

The Bylaws were completed and turned in this week.

Our current bank balance is $3,889.64.  We reviewed the budget.

Our chocolate fundraiser brought in $12,000 with over $5,507 in profit.

We had between 20-25 entries for reflections.  Reflections assembly will be Oct. 30th at 2:30 pm.  

Book Fair was the week of Oct 8-12.

Teacher dinner was provided by the PTA.  It was Brixton’s Baked Potato and desserts were brought in.  Teacher feedback was positive.

Red Ribbon Week is Oct. 22-26.  “Your Life is a Journey, Travel Drug Free”

Monday:  Red Bracelets treat for wearing red “Dare to be Drug Free”

Tuesday:  Crazy hair day “Crazy to do Drugs”

Wednesday:  “Dream Bright” pajama day

Thursday:  hat and crazy sock day

Friday:  wear purple, assembly 1 pm  



Sue Ann Burton

Shannon Wilcox

Alisa Hunter

Angie Curry

Orna Flowers

Any Drake

Lynnette Wilkins

Amy Winn

Robyn Stark

Lindsey Ketchum

November 2018

December 2018


PTA Minutes Dec 2018

Book Fair netted $1600 gross with $865 cash

Food Drive will end Dec. 12th with pick up on Dec 13th, food will go to Catholic Community Services

Christmas sing-a-long will be December 18th and 9 am

For the Christmas Store we need volunteers and more items

Sharlynn Jones will create a volunteer sign up sheet on Signup Genuis

2 hour shifts, 10:3-3:20

Robyn will buy more bags and purchase from Oriental Trading for Dad items

Everyone will look for items, especially for Dads, men

Volunteer needed to pick up donuts for the 2nd place winners of the food drive contest

Wildcat store will be January 25th

Start to organize a color run committee, event on May 23rd, $10 per child

We need to generate ideas for new board members for next year

January 2019

Wasatch Elementary PTA Meeting

January 4th, 2018



  1. Introductions

  2. Teacher/Principal Report

  3. Treasurer's Report

  4. December Activities

  5. Wildcat Club

  6. New PTA positions: VP, Treasurer, Membership

  7. Color Run/Field Day Committee




PTA Minutes Jan 2019

Treasurer report:

Book Fair brought in $600 profit

Christmas store $1500 gross, $800 profit.

Next year we need to stock the store better.  Maybe allow the 5th and 6th graders to go first, buy less product in more quantity, don’t buy weapons, more gifts for guys-golf balls

Yearbooks:  We have 76 prepaid, we usually sell around 200, need to make sure all the 6th graders get one next year, by allowing them to work for it with Mr. Rick, do another social media, calling push get more to purchase

We collected 12,025 lbs. of food for the food drive.  Great activity will do this again next year

We talked about how the teachers are switching to a self-funded insurance.

Wildcat Club:  The first store will be January 25th, they may buy items with “bucks” earned by wearing school colors on Fridays, items needed for donation; soda, squishes, chips, candy, food

Alisa Hunter volunteered to by the Secretary next year.

Robyn Stark volunteered to be the Vice President.

We still need volunteers for other positions

The Color Run Committee will hold their first planning meeting on January 18th at 10:30 am.  All are invited.   This will be a fundraiser and part of the Field Day we hold at the end of the year.  Scheduled for May 22

Sue Ann Burton

Orna Flowers

Angie Curry

Lindsey Ketchum

Gina Salvo

Shannon Wilcox

Mary Stokes

Alisa Hunter

Robyn Stark


Wasatch PTSA
Board Members
  • President: Lindsey Ketcham
  • Vice President: Angie Curry
  • Secretary: Robyn Stark
  • Treasurer: Orna Flowers