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Wasatch Elementary PTSA Agenda/Minutes

May 2017

May 5th, 2017

  1. Welcome – Introductions
  2. General Meeting
    1. Agenda Review
    2. Teacher Input
    3. Treasurer Report
    4. Miscellaneous
  3. Future Agenda & Meeting Date Review

September 2017

September 1st, 2017 Agenda

  1. Welcome – Introductions
  2. General Meeting
    1. Agenda Review
    2. Teacher Input
    3. Treasurer Report
    4. President – Amend Bylaws or elect a new one
    5. Pass Bylaws (whether amended or not)
    6. CARNIVAL 9/15 4-7 p.m.
    7. We need volunteers to spearhead different projects
    8. Room Parent – new format/expectations/liaisons/communication
    9. PURPLE PACKET – different – better or worse?
    10. T-Shirts – ordering & @ Back to School Night – better or worse?
    11. Miscellaneous
  3. Future Agenda & Meeting Date Review
    1. 10/4/17

PTA Minutes

September 1, 2017

We Amended the Bylaws to allow Christine Carver to be President for one more school year beginning September 1, 2017 and ending May 2018.

Robyn Stark recommended the Amendment, Sharlynn Jones second.

We discussed the upcoming Fundraiser Carnival occurring on September 15, 2017 between 4 and 6 pm.

Three food trucks will provide food,

We signed up volunteers

We discussed the Scholastic Book Fair occurring the first week of October.

PTA will provide dinner to the teachers

We passed around a volunteer sign up for dessert

Gina mentioned she had a teacher ask if the PTA would be helping to pay for field trip busses

If there is money to do so, yes

The board will be posted by Angie Zampedri

Robyn Stark motioned to approve the budget, second by Sharlynn Jones

October 2017

PTA AGENDA October 6, 2017

1. Welcome-Introductions

2. General Meeting

  • Agenda Review
  • Teacher Input
  • Treasurer Report
  • Room Parent-ideas and improvement suggestions
  • Reflections
  • WOW Prizes
  • Extra Bouncy Houses? School Supplies
  • Miscellaneous
  1. Carnival-feedback & improvements
  2. Book Fair- feedback & improvements
  3. "Dinner" as a trick to get parents in?
  4. School Supply donations

  • Future Agenda & Meeting Date Review

PTA minutes October 6, 2017

$4,535 brought in as revenue this month,

$1292 Expenses

Extra Bouncy House Day

To be held October 18th 2-5, bring supplies or 3 dollar donation

Room Parent mtg. October 9, 3:30

Wear your best dress!


Judged October 9

Assembly with guest author October 26th,

Holly Newton, Along with literary night

Ice cream cone vouchers to give away

We decided to just hand them out because they expire this month

PTA has a lot of leftover books, they will be given out before winter break

Carnival prizes-Jayanne will go through, decide what to save and what to donate

Add Candy next year as a prize

Year budget library grant

$1700 Scholastic Credit

Scholastic dollars for prizes for Wildcat of the Week

$25 Scholastic dollars/dollar


During our November meeting we will vote on where to send our food drive donations

Rescue Mission? Catholic Community Services?

Mrs. King has tentatively agreed to be PTA Vice President

Lindsey Ketchum has tentatively agreed to be PTA President Elect

We need more teacher input on supplies

Next book fair is in February

November 2017

Wasatch Elementary PTA Agenda November 3rd, 2017

  1. Welcome – Introductions
  2. General Meeting
    1. Agenda Review
    2. Teacher Input
    3. Treasurer Report
    4. Food Drive?
    5. Miscellaneous
  3. Future Agenda & Meeting Date Review
    1. 12/1/17

PTA Meeting Minutes 11/3/17

Spirit Week will be Nov. 13-17 Gina and Sara will take care of fliers/advertising

Nov. 7th wear patriotic colors for Veterans week

Thursday will be the luncheon

We discussed taking a group picture for the yearbook

Treasurer report:

We received our refund check from the Bouncy House, still waiting one from Coke

Made $1691.19 in cash from the book fair, the credit cards haven’t been counted

We will have no more income this year,

We get a 90% recapture from shirts and yearbook

Can we use PTA money to pay for Veteran lunches?

The PTA will create a slush fund to pay for the Veterans and students who otherwise would not eat. It will initially hold $200

Angie Zampedri seconded

The Treasurer, Onra, put it in the notes

PTA stuff has to be non-cost prohibitive

Question posed, how can we reach parents who don’t participate?

Our most attended events are Dad’s and donuts and Mom’s and Muffins, Ms. V stated the teachers and administration will reach at as well. Perhaps with home visits?

Food Drive Nov.13-Dec.15

Attach a bag to the flyer to pass out, Christine will contact a local business for bags, Sharylnn will made a flyer

We will do a competition by grade, and keep track by units

1st place – party at Fat Cats, Lindsey will contact

2nd Place – pizza party

3rd Place – Donut Party

Gina asked if we should do a day with the Christmas shop.

A group that brings items children can by for their family for Christmas,

We voted yes, it Gina will call and see if we can do it on Dec. 8th All day

We will need volunteers to staff

December 2017

Wasatch Elementary PTA Agenda December 1st, 2017

  1. Welcome – Introductions
  2. Agenda Review
  3. General Meeting
    1. Teacher Input
    2. Treasurer Report
    3. Food Drive
    4. Miscellaneous
  4. Future Agenda & Meeting Date Review
    • 1/5/18
    • Spirit Week – Dr. C. says teachers want it to be a BIG thing from us

    • PTA Minutes 12/1/17
    • Scholastic Book Fair still need to reconcile cash register Pizza and donuts as prizes for Food drive, given out on December 20th, 1 pm, asked for volunteers to help. Sharlynn made a flyer for food drive. Christmas store on December 8th, 8:30- 10:30 am-needed volunteers to help with younger kids, counting monies and bagging,School would like PTA to continue to donate to Artist in Residence. We discussed if the PTA can buy art supplies for the Artist in Residence. We also discussed buying art supplies for a specific teacher and decided to place those wants on the giving tree in the hallway for parents to donate to. SueAnn Burton reported on what is happening at the school board level.

February 2018

PTA Mtg. 2/2/2018

$500 PTA agreed to pay to Deb Allred for art supplies

April 12th, PTA will buy books for students for kindergarten roundup and 60 cookies

The current balance in our account is $2015

We discussed the current school boards proposals of school closings and the idea they are floating of using a lease revenue bond

PTA wills supply dinner for teachers during PTC. Lindsey will ask Sonora Grill to sponsor; Pepsi will supply drinks, Lofthouse cookies

Sharlynn Jones has put together and emailed out a volunteer signup sheet for book fair.

Members in Attendance:

Christine Carver

Katy Burnett

Orna Flowers

Sharlynn Jones

SueAnn Burton

Robyn Stark

Lindsey Ketcham


PTA Budget Mtg FEB2018

This meeting was held to amend and ratify budget and board members for 2018-2019

We discussed how many yearbooks we ordered-140, the money is due April 15th

Most of the time was spent going over each budget item and confirming the information was correct and current.

Robyn Stark will call Smiths about PTA donations

Katy and Sebastian agreed to coordinate the sale of T-shirts during the book fair

We ratified the following positions for the 2018-2019 School year

PTA President: Lindsey Ketchum 1st by Robyn Stark 2nd by Angie Curry

VP: Angie Curry 1st Christine Carver 2nd Sharlynn Jones

Secretary: Robyn Stark 1st Christine Carver 2nd SueAnn Burton

Treasurer: Orna Flowers 1st Christine Carver 2nd Robyn Stark

Board Member: Katy Burnett 1st Christine Carver 2nd SueAnn Burton

Board Member: SueAnn Burton 1st Christine Carver 2ndAngie Curry

Board Member: Tessa Stuart 1st Robyn Stark 2nd Angie Curry

Members in attendance:

Angie Curry

Sharlynn Jones

Tessa Stuart

Katy Burnett

Sebastian Benitez

Orna Flowers

SueAnn Burton

Christine Carver

March 2018

Wasatch Elementary PTA


March 2nd, 2018

  1. Welcome – Introductions
  2. General Meeting
    1. Agenda Review
    2. Teacher Input
    3. Treasurer Report
    4. Moms with Muffins Volunteers, orderer?
    5. Miscellaneous
  3. Future Agenda & Meeting Date Review
    1. 4/13/18 PTA Minutes March
    2. AttendanceDemi AdamsLindsey KetchamKaty BurnettOrna FlowersChristine CarverWe reviewed the updated budget. There will be $2300 for the PTA to start next with. Discussed upcoming events and agreed on 6 male volunteers to help with Moms and Muffins.

April 2018

Wasatch Elementary PTA


April 13th, 2018

  1. Welcome – Introductions
  2. General Meeting
    1. Agenda Review
    2. Teacher Input
    3. Treasurer Report
    4. Teacher Appreciation Week T-Shirts need to get signed by students
    5. K-Round Up Volunteers
    6. Yearbook Sales Reminders
    7. Miscellaneous
  3. Future Agenda & Meeting Date Review
    1. 5/4/18

PTA minutes 4/13/2018

We discussed maybe combining back to school night and our annual carnival the Thursday before school starts.

Solidified Field Day, May 23rd from 1-3, with the fire truck coming at 3 pm.

Our last book fair will be May 14th-18th.

We reviewed the budget, our current balance on hand in $4718.86.

We made assignments for PTA members to bring items for the teachers during teacher appreciation week: Monday-Christine/ice cream, Tuesday-Angie/Lindsey, Wednesday-Robyn/chocolates, Thursday-Angie/Lindsey, Friday-Gina/lunch

Our next meeting will be May 4th, 9 am.

May 2018

Wasatch Elementary PTA


May 4th, 2018

  1. Welcome – Introductions
  2. General Meeting
    1. Agenda Review
    2. Teacher Input
    3. Treasurer Report
    4. Lagoon Day Discount Ticket Give Away?
    5. Book Fair 5/14-5/18
    6. Teacher Appreciation Day & Week
    7. Field Day
    8. Host 6th Grade Graduation
    9. Yearbook Help Needed?
    10. Miscellaneous

Wasatch PTSA
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