Mrs. Godin and Ms. Bowman are the school counselors at Wasatch Elementary. Together they provide valuable services through the comprehensive counseling and guidance program which includes classroom guidance lessons, group and individual counseling, and responsive services. Some topics of discussion include: Anger, Anxiety, Aggression, Defiance, Individual Student Issues, Friendships, Relationships and Social Skills. Mrs. Godin and Ms. Bowman also work with The Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) program as well as the Peer Leader Group.

Safety is important at our school. We teach our students to use the “Stop, Walk and Talk” strategy when they are being treated unkindly, or if they are being bullied. Students can do their part in helping us to have safety at school by following those steps.

School counselors are advocates for students. They seek to build relationships to help students grow emotionally, socially and academically. Counselors are first and foremost here to support student academic and learning development, helping students achieve school success. Second, life and career development, which helps students focus on future life and career goals. Counselors work to provide an awareness of multicultural and global citizenship to allow students to see opportunity in the ever evolving global communities. Finally, the school counselor provides social and emotional support allowing students to develop resiliency and strength as they work towards their future. Your school counselor is in the school to support you!

Positive Behavior Intervention Support

Our school is participating with our school district in an important project called Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS). 

What is Positive Behavior Intervention Support? 

PBIS is a process for creating safer and more effective schools. It is a school wide approach, based on research, and uses classroom behavior support systems. It focuses on improving a school’s ability to teach and support positive behavior for all students. Rather than a set program, PBIS allows schools to design, implement and evaluate effective school-wide, classroom, non-classroom and student specific plans. PBIS includes school-wide procedures and processes for all students, all staff, and in all settings. PBIS is not a program or a curriculum. It is a team-based process for school-wide problem solving, planning, and evaluation. It is a way to create a safe and productive learning environment where teachers can teach and all students can learn. 

What is PBIS at Wasatch Elementary School? 

We have adopted a set of school rules referred to as the Wildcat Way and CATS. These rules describe our expectations for behavior in our school. You will see these rules posted throughout the school and your child will be learning them during the first days of school. Our school rules, found in every classroom and non-classroom setting in the school are as follows: 







Celebrate positive student behaviors with Wildcat Credit. Students will have the opportunity to turn their Wildcat Credit in for selected prices each Wednesday with the Wildcat Wagon. 

All teachers and staff are strongly encouraged to use four positives for every one correction (4:1) with students in classrooms and other settings.

Celebrate entire classes or groups of students for positive behaviors. Students have the opportunity to be recognized for student of the month and outstanding attendance.

Teach, reteach, and practice positive CATS rules throughout the school, all year long. 

Wildcats Credits Redeemed as of 3/4/2021: 


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The counselors at Wasatch Elementary have truly enjoyed working with your students this year and assisting them through weekly classroom lessons to address emotional regulation, coping strategies, college and career readiness, bully prevention, and positive social skills. At this time we would like to ask for your input and feedback on how you feel this has impacted your student. The following survey will be confidential and will be valuable to the counselors as they review the guidance curriculum at Wasatch. Click on the following link:

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If you have any questions or concerns about the survey, please reach out to the counselors at and Thank you for your time and completion of this survey